Yeezy Foam Runner Review

The Ararat colorway of the Yeezy Foam Runner, officially known as the Yeezy Foam RNNR, was revealed as a surprise in June 2020. It quickly sold out, as is customary for Yeezy merchandise. The Yeezy Foam Runner has been a massively popular shoe model that sparks unending discussion and debate in the year plus since its initial release. It turns out that there is a good reason why it is a hot topic. We also knew that the internet required a performance assessment of the Foam Runner because other colorways, including an all-red variant, were about to be released.

Two members of the WearTesters Discord community contributed to this review. Sneaker aficionado Marie Kaufman works for public libraries. She is an athletic nerd who played basketball to pay for her education. collegiately. She originally found WearTesters while looking for a review on the Nike Shake NDestruckt.


Marie: In most Yeezy models, I wear a size 11 Men’s/12.5 Women’s, though I do go up a half-size in the Yeezy 700 V3 due to the flimsy and unforgiving fabric. I don’t mind wearing shoes with a tight fit. Even with casual clothing, I actually prefer a tighter fit most of the time. Please keep in mind that while most people size up in Yeezy 350s, I do not. I purchased the Yeezy Foam Runner in my genuine size 11, and it fits me perfectly. However, I will admit that I pair these with thinner socks because my big toe irritably chafes when I wear thicker socks. Could this be fixed by a size 12? Perhaps, but I’d prefer that these “shoes” be snug than overly loose especially with their bulbus shape.

Tyler: The Foam Runner’s size selection is perhaps the most challenging part of the buying process. I have feet that are very slightly on the wide side and am a real size 10.5 in shoes. I wear my genuine size 10.5 in all common daily sneakers like the Nike Air Force 1, most Jordan Retros, and Dunks. This particular model fits somewhat smaller than other Yeezys in general. The Foam Runners only come in full sizes, which is a problem. Going up is typically the best choice if you are a half size because of the really thick foam near the toe box. Going true to size is the greatest choice if you are a full size. Changing sizes by a full size is probably

too huge or too tiny.

Regarding the heel lockdown, these are superb and keep your feet firmly in place while you wear them with no heel slippage. Even when they are sweaty, your feet won’t slide around on the material beneath you. Like Crocs, the entire shoe will precisely adapt to your foot over time because it is entirely made of foam.

Allcrocs Yeezy Foam Runner Cushion


Marie: The cushion is nice. I’ve never owned a pair of Crocs so I can’t compare the two foams. I would say it’s similar to a pair of Adidas Comfort Slides.

The cushion does feel a little thicker in the heel than it does in the forefoot. Is it as plush as the Yeezy 350 with Boost? The comfort yet remains. I can certainly endure a whole day of standing and moving around at work without experiencing any problems.

Tyler: Right out of the package, the cushion feels incredibly plush underfoot. The two cushions that compare the best are Nike React and adidas Boost. Both are smooth underfoot and sensitive. These are most frequently compared to Crocs’ original clogs. Personally, I find the Foam Runner cushion to be substantially softer and cozier. Additionally, the distance from the foot to the ground is standard. The sensation of wearing them is not like being on top .


Marie: What can I say in regards to the resources? The foam is molded. It’s good for making original and intriguing shapes, but it’s not at all premium. Since I bought them on release day a little more than two months ago, I’ve worn them once or twice a week on average. Although I haven’t gone on any long, strenuous walks in them, they have held up better than I had anticipated. Near the balls of my feet, the traction ridges are a little less obvious, but not significantly so. My mineral blue pair occasionally appears to be dusty, but wiping them off with a damp towel is not difficult.

Tyler: There isn’t much to say in this section, so it will be quite brief. Foam derived from algae is used to make the shoe. Unusual colorways are produced in the US. The foam is sturdy both aesthetically and practically. No matter how hard you scratch them, everything comes off by just rubbing them with a cloth and some water. After months of use, I’ve experienced no problems with cuts, tears, or dents.


Marie: Throughout the various flex zones, the traction pattern resembles a wave pattern. Each wave is separated by a good amount of space, and it isn’t particularly thick. Although it works well enough for a casual shoe, I’m not sure how well they’d stick on a slippery surface. I haven’t yet fallen or gotten stuck on any steps.

Tyler: They’re surprisingly effective for a shoe made entirely of foam, including the traction. They work well in most everyday situations, though I wouldn’t use them to run in the rain on the street. The grip is firm yet also surprisingly robust. I’ve been wearing my pair for months and have only now noticed a slight decrease of grip beneath the ball of my foot. Other regions of the outsole still have strong traction


Marie: I’m satisfied with my Yeezy Foam Runner buy overall. Even among non-sneaker fanatics, they are unquestionably attention-getters. I definitely wouldn’t pay resell price for them, though. For gods’ sake, it’s a foam “shoe.” These would receive an 8 or 8.5 out of 10. When using foam that feels close to the more reasonably priced Comfort Slide, they lose one or two points for the $80 suggested retail price. In light of this, it’s a good purchase if you can find a pair. Next, be ready to appreciate how an extraterrestrial seed pod will appear on your feet.

Tyler: Ignoring any secondary market costs for the Foam Runners, these are incredible for the $80 retail cost. They have a very soft cushion that conforms to your foot, making them unexpectedly comfy. According to anecdotal evidence, they endure a lot longer than other 100% foam shoes, both aesthetically and practically. They’re quite well ventilated because to all the holes in them. Depending on your environment, that could be a significant benefit or drawback. Of course, the aesthetics are distinctive. This one really breaks your neck. Not something you frequently encounter in nature.

The Yeezy Foam Runner has a score of 9 out of 10 for being an everyday/lifestyle shoe and strictly utilitarian. Since March, they have been my “go-to” pair, and they will

How to Buy the Yeezy Foam Runner

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