Why Are Crocs So Popular? From Luck to a Serious Marketing Strategy

It’s well known that they have never made a big effort to fit in with the hip crowd, so why are Crocs so well-liked right now?

These strange little foam sneakers seemed to materialize out of nowhere and gained popularity right away.

We’ll discuss the factors that have contributed to Crocs’ enormous popularity before wrapping up with a look at the company’s past.

Put your clogs in sport mode because we’re about to talk about Crocs now.

Despite the fact that Crocs shoes were comfy from the beginning, many people claim that their comfort is what really made them popular.

In spite of the fact that Crocs are wonderfully comfy (and always have been), they were in grave danger of going out of business in 2007 because they were not at all accepted.

Crocs’ enduring appeal is due to:

Footbed and material are comfortable.
Personalization (with jibbitz) (with jibbitz).
a variety of styles.

But, believe it or not, there are two key factors that contribute to Crocs’ current appeal:

The fantastic partnerships they formed.
a pandemic’s impact.
Yes. the outbreak.

I’ll explain.


The item, which is polarizingly popular among consumers, was included by Time Magazine as one of the worst inventions.

However, according to Piper Jaffray’s spring study in 2019, Crocs was placed No. 13 for the most well-liked footwear brand among female teenagers.

They received rankings of No. 5 for preferred footwear brand and No. 8 for favourite footwear brand among UI males and females in the spring of 2022.

What prevented bankruptcy was Crocs‘ sincere brand identity, identifiable style, and Andrew Reese.

Andrew frequently worked in conjunction with well-known figures in the arts, fashion, and brands.

Kane, Christopher
Designer Christopher Kane permanently altered Crocs’ course in 2016.

He introduced a Crocs collaboration during his London Fashion Week summer spring 17 show, marking the occasion that is widely regarded as the turning point in the Croc identity evolution.

The following time would occur in 2017…

One of the most well-known brands in the world is Balenciaga.

In 2017, the Crocs were given a unique makeover by creator and director Demna Gvasalia, who added a five-inch platform sole and exclusive Balenciaga jibbitz.

The model went on sale for $850, but it was gone before it could even reach the stores.

The momentum was started by these two significant fashion endorsements.

Always looking for endorsements was Crocs.

However, after Prince George injected a volt of hype into their revenue stream, the business understood they could duplicate the effect by focusing on A-list musicians who are known for setting trends in fashion.

Justin Bieber and Bad Bunny

In order to enter new markets outside of the United States, they persuaded the Latino rap icon Bad Bunny to endorse Crocs.

Therefore, Justin Bieber and Drew House released a pair of Glow in the Dark Crocs, and Bad Bunny also did the same.

Crocs have long been a favorite of Post Malone’s. The Post Malone Dimitri Clogs were created in 2018 as a result of the collaboration between Post Malone and Crocs on their own trademark version.

You can tell a lot about a man by the jibbitz in his Crocs, Post Malone tweeted before he worked with the footwear brand.

Overall, these spokespersons were selected based on a variety of factors, including Malone’s endearing hobo persona and Bad Bunny’s global popularity.

Of course, the fact that they all target young people was a factor in the selection of these spokespersons.


The Pizzaslime x Crocs Moc Crossbody bag had a $300 launch price and becomes crazier the more you look at it.

Is that something a shoe or a bag? It is undoubtedly a bag with a black and yellow color scheme.

Later, Pizzaslime released a different joint project especially for Crocs Day.

The model was a limited edition and had the letters “Croc Day is Lit” on it. Each pair was a mystery order that will increase the size by adding a UV light.


Alife shocked the streetwear industry later in 2018 when they unveiled Crocs With Socks. The shoes now began to appear on Stockx.


2019 saw Crocs choose to work with Beams, a Japanese company.

The first model features a traditional pocket clog, the second one features a traditional sun visor, and the third one features a traditional fringe clog.

The collection also included a range of styles that were exclusively for ladies.


2019 saw the release of two Crocs styles with punk influences from the high-end retailer Barneys New York.

Other Partnerships
Other noteworthy collaborations include the eerie metacarpal-inspired shoes by Pleasures, the repurposed utility version by Nicole Mclaughlin, and the Takashi Murakami-designed Classic Clogs.

The business also collaborated with KFC to produce a small quantity of shoes that truly reeked of fried chicken.

Carrots created their own orange and green version, which is thematically appropriate.

Salehe Bembury and Crocs‘ most eagerly awaited collaboration, the Salehe Bembury x Crocs Pollex Clog, turned the famous silhouette on its head.

The entire shoe features fingerprint carvings in Salehe’s design, and the strap has a nice translucent element.

Next, how did the pandemic change Crocs?

The year 2020 altered the course of Crocs forever. The pandemic struck just as they were setting up their new organizational structure.

The restrictions eliminated the requirement to purchase a sizable wardrobe of elegant clothing because the pandemic kept everyone within their homes.

Leisurely shoes that didn’t have laces but weren’t quite as barbaric as sandals became essential.

As a result of everyone staying at home and caring less about their appearance, Crocs made a comeback, and the epidemic prepared Crocs for a meteoric rise in popularity.

In the midst of the pandemic, many individuals who thought they were unattractive claimed that they were the ideal possessions because they were so comfy.

Many people didn’t want to give up the comfort they had grown accustomed to during quarantine when the restrictions were lifted and the businesses reopened.

And soon, barely anyone gave someone wearing a pair of Crocs at the grocery store or a restaurant a second glance.

But now that they are so incredibly comfortable, Croc lovers don’t seem to care if they are seen wearing them anymore.

Because the entire shoe is made up of Croslite foam, you’re going to be blown away by how soft and how comfortable Crocs are.

Croslite is not rubber or plastic. It’s a closed-cell resin which is Crocs’ secret trademarked material.

For surgeons, nurses, doctors, and anyone else who stands up all day for 12 hours at a time, these shoes are incredibly comfortable. The interior footbed features a textured feel that somewhat massages your feet while you walk and promotes healthier blood flow.
Since you don’t always wear the most comfy shoes whether you’re playing on stage or just going about your daily business, this footbed is undoubtedly another Crocs feature that Post Malone probably appreciates.

You have your distinctive Croc strap around the back of your shoes. The strap is made of much softer Croslite foam, allowing for slightly greater comfort while also locking your wrist.

within the shoe.

The roomy fit of Crocs is another aspect that contributes to their comfort.

The sizing of Crocs doesn’t seem to be accurate. Because of the roomy fit, Crocs appear to run a little bit larger in the sake of comfort, allowing your feet to move and breathe freely inside the shoe.

These holes on the top of your Crocs are wonderful for ventilation in addition to allowing you to attach jibbitz.

Your feet will therefore feel amazing whether you wear socks with your Crocs or just go barefoot.

Andrew claims that the massive personalisation movement is the other factor that kept Crocs alive.

Crocs intended to position their footwear as an expressive foam canvas that customers could personalize with paint or charms.

Crocs purchased Jibbitz, a company that creates the tiny charms you can actually stick into the holes of your Crocs to accessorize and decorate your Crocs with, in order to ride the trend train.


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